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Retreading is the process of replacing the tread on worn tyre, which is safe, efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly. 
RubberOn factory undertakes cold process of tyre retreading by using high quality and premium tread rubber of well-known worldwide brands.
RubberOn retreaded tyres are designed for long life to deliver outstanding performance ensuring endurance under the harshest conditions and terrains. 
The exclusive retreading process guarantees total quality control and reliability to provide our customers with the lowest cost per kilometer retread on the market without compromising safety or quality standards.
With top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production technologies and a highly qualified team, we guarantee complete satisfaction.



The tire retreading machines of our factory were procured from Italy and the retreading technology is from Germany and USA.

Our high level experience of providing quality retread tyres together with optimum warranty for our retreaded tyres makes RubberOn company the best among other companies.

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The team of RubberOn company is owned and managed by highly experienced partners and professionals in business development in Uganda. One of the projects previously founded and currently being developed is a leading payment platform in Uganda and other African countries.

RubberOn is supported by a highly qualified engineering team, lead by one of the partners of the company, an experienced professional with strong technical and fleet management skills gained while working for more than 20 years in tyre industry and with biggest tyre producers (Bridgestone, Pirelli, Continental, etc).

RubberOn is a member of Uganda Manufacturers Association.



  • Tyres are the second largest expense a fleet has after fuel

  • Retreading tyres cuts costs your fleet expenses almost twice

  • Retreading makes you a good environmental citizen

  • In Europe on average 70% of tires are retreaded. In some countries this figure reaches up to 90%

  • Virtually all military and commercial jets take off and land on retreaded tires

  • In USA the retreaded tires are the overwhelming replacement tyre of choice for school bus operators

  • The splice on a retreaded tyre happens to be the strongest part of the tyre, just the same way the weld is the strongest part on the metal

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Our service include retreading of the following truck tires:

  • 11.00 R20

  • 12.00 R20

  • 11 R22.5

  • 12 R22.5

  • 13 R22.5

  • 315/70 R22.5

  • 315/80 R22.5

  • 295/80 R22.5

  • 385/65 R22.5

We also do repair cuts both on crown and sidewall positions.​


Treads we use are made to serve you almost twice longer compared to competition in the market.
A good tread is the right composition of natural and artificial rubber which lead to longer mileage, greater grip on the road and big savings to your company.

Do not forget that choosing the right quality tread for your fleet will save you tonnes of money.



Drive On/Off

On/Off drive wheel application designed for small percentage on road and any off road application in the MLC and Waste segments.

Features & Benefits

  • Aggressive on/off road drive wheel tread pattern

  • Deep directional tread blocks and grooves designed to eliminate stone trapping

  • Opened at the shoulders to provide for self-cleaning and to maintain traction in muddy conditions while providing excellent protection against penetrations and optimum mileage.


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